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Can I get one or two people to help me move this Saturday 7/23? - Adventures in Engineering
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2011-07-19 19:10
  Subject:   Can I get one or two people to help me move this Saturday 7/23?

I am going to need one or two people to help me move, this Saturday 7/23 @ 11am up here in Boulder.

I don't have much stuff; I pride myself on that. And most of my stuff I can move myself; ditto.

However, you may remember that I acquired a couch last year. It's not heavy, but it's physically larger than my arm-span, and thus I can't move it myself because I can't pick it up. My bookshelf has similar problems - not heavy, but too large for me to get my arms around. Ditto with the dresser. So these are the things I need one other person's help for. It doesn't need to be a strong person, either, because these things aren't heavy, just awkward. I just need another set of hands.

It's also easier to move my bed frame with another person than alone. I can take it apart into one-person sized pieces, but it's faster to leave it assembled. Frankly the hardest part of moving the bed is moving the futon, which is heavy and awkward and right at the limits of my arm-span. The frame itself is really quite light and easy, it's just bigger than my arm-span when assembled, so...

If you feel like helping me schlep boxes after the two-person stuff is moved, hey great. But there's no obligation. I can move all the boxed stuff myself with ease.

I'll have my step-dad's F150, so no worries on vehicular arrangements.

As usual, I'll take anyone who helps me move out to lunch when we're done. For whatever you guys collectively want. My usual offer is BeauJo's for pizza. But if there's something better, just name it.

Please RSVP via a comment here, an email, or call me 303-817-5817 so I can know if someone is coming. If not, I'll need to ask a relative to come help.

Edit: You guys kicked ass and took names, in spite of the heat! Thanks a ton for the help! "Friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies."
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  User: j_b
  Date: 2011-07-20 04:44 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
I think I'm in, but I'll need to confirm for sure later tomorrow or Thursday.
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  User: j_b
  Date: 2011-07-21 02:32 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Simon and I can help, I think we'll shoot for 11A so I'll take off and snag him around 10a
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  User: mckavian
  Date: 2011-07-21 05:32 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
If I were closer I'd be there.
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  User: (Anonymous)
  Date: 2011-07-22 13:10 (UTC)
  Subject:   I'm in
I'll be on town so I can lend a hand.
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