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We now know the name of the system that tracks you by your cell phone: TruePosition. - Adventures in Engineering
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2011-07-21 12:46
  Subject:   We now know the name of the system that tracks you by your cell phone: TruePosition.

Chances are you’ve never heard of TruePosition. If you’re an AT&T or T-Mobile customer, though, TruePosition may have heard of you. When you’re in danger, the company can tell the cops where you are, all without you knowing. And now, it’s starting to let governments around the world in on the search.

The Pennsylvania company, a holding of the Liberty Media giant that owns Sirius XM and the Atlanta Braves, provides location technology to those soon-to-be-merged carriers, so police, firefighters and medics can know where you’re at in an emergency. In the U.S., it locates over 60 million 911 calls annually. But very quietly, over the last four years, TruePosition has moved into the homeland security business - worldwide.

Around the world, TruePosition markets something it calls "location intelligence," or LOCINT, to intelligence and law enforcement agencies. As a homeland security tool, it’s enticing. Imagine an "invisible barrier around sensitive sites like critical infrastructure," such as oil refineries or power plants, TruePosition’s director of marketing, Brian Varano, tells Danger Room. The barrier contains a list of known phones belonging to people who work there, allowing them to pass freely through the covered radius. "If any phone enters that is not on the authorized list, [authorities] are immediately notified."


Old news. Very old. I've been telling people about this since the late 90's, when I helped write some of the code to make one of the first E-911 systems work. (For a now-defunct company, not for TruePostion.)
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Jon: stfu
  User: j_b
  Date: 2011-07-22 04:17 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Greetings Citizen!

I see you have posted something about the E911 system.

We have currently begun civil proceedings against you for TEN MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS and are telling your local constabulary that you have the ability to bring down planes out of the sky if given access to a pay phone. We've got the "Prophet / Knight" cell all spruced up for you.

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