Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

After the CoF show last night, I drove down to Colorado Springs and rented a cheap hotel room for the night. In the morning the shareholders meeting of BWrightly Shining Enterprises was held at The Olive Branch hole-in-the-wall, er, restaurant in downtown Co. Springs. There were three of us there: the president of the company, one wheel-chair bound Frank Blakely. His best friend Loren Wright. And me. We ended up electing Frank's dog Anook as the Treasurer of the company, and his other dog Cody as the Secretary. Though it was touch-and-go there for a bit, let me tell you! We came real close to electing Cody treasurer, but then Frank said that Cody didn't add very well (can't deal with anything past 16, because has to count everything with his paws and claws), so we decided he'd better be secretary.

In other company news, our other programmer besides me, David Wang, is STILL stuck in China, nine months after he went back for a two-week visit. His visit was shortly before 9/11. And of course since he's Chinese he must be an evil, communist bastard. Right? His wife is still here in the States, going to CU. Apparently Frank is trying to write up some kind of legal petition to get him admitted back into the US. How fucking stupid has our government become??
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