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Resident Evil: Dead Aim - Adventures in Engineering — LiveJournal
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2003-06-21 09:29
  Subject:   Resident Evil: Dead Aim
From a post at Mr Cranky:

06/21/03: Resident Evil: Dead Aim
Posted by: nomore@spam.com (ModernRonin)

Has anyone played Resident Evil: Dead Aim? I have to say, the idea sounds very good. Gun in one hand, controller in the other. It's a perfect setup for a survival horror game.

I had similiar ideas myself (as I imagine did a lot of people), but my idea was that the game would auto-sense when you had the gun pointed at the screen (I know this is technically possible, as Point Blank 3 does it) and throw you into first person. Your normal movement controls (left stick) would become look up/down/left/right. Press and hold the stick (R3 held down) and you'd strafe. You could keep shooting all the while.

Seems like they messed up my idea of the controls a bit though. Did they forget about the R3 button? Hitting L1 with one-handed is easy enough, but getting to both L1 and L2 is not. Still, it has potential. And the reviews (1, 2) seem to be better than most games in its genre.

Has anyone played this or seen it in person?

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