Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Bugscan: Analyzing compiled machine code for security holes.

From /.:

Most software deployed today is not developed with security in mind. The usual response is to build up network perimeter defenses as a deterrent, but the root of the problem is that software is not designed to withstand a hostile environment.

Development teams are under enormous pressure to deliver new applications on aggressive schedules. Attention is placed on functional specifications, and perhaps performance requirements, but rarely on writing secure code.

Why is it that developers generally do not write secure code? There are two primary reasons: First, development teams lack tools to detect and prevent simple security bugs such as buffer overflow errors. Software compilers find syntax errors, so developers fix them immediately. Developers currently do not have tools to find security coding errors.

BugScan dissects software from the inside out by examining machine code - the native code of the computer processor. This means that source code is not required to analyze a program. Users submit program binaries to the BugScan appliance via a web interface and a report is generated automatically. It's that simple.
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