July 2nd, 2003


Ye old driveline disco.

So, to try and partially pay back my mom for putting a roof over my head, I've been helping her fiancee build fences around the soon-to-be llama ranch. We were VERY lucky to be able to borrow a farm tractor with an auger on the back to dig the holes for the posts, more or less like this one:

I can't tell you how much faster and easier fence building is with this thing. Especially because we're using 8' lengths of old telephone pole for about every third post. Digging the holes for those things by hand would be a time-sucking, body destroying nightmare.

The auger is powered by a PTO ("power take-off") shaft attached to the tractor's engine. The shaft has some amusing safety stickers on it, some of which I've reproduced here:

My favorite one is the guy wrapped around the shaft - "the driveline disco" as I call it. ;] The other one reminds me of an old sniper's saying: "You can run, but then you'll just die tired!"

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More amusing PTO safety info here.