July 19th, 2003


You too can be a gargoyle...

In T3, Arnold Schwarzenegger sees not only people and places, but also information scrolling in front of his eyes. As futuristic as that sounds, the ability to view data while wearing shades and walking down the street is a reality.

Eyetop sunglasses allow wearers to see images projected on a high-resolution miniature screen positioned in one lens. So, instead of holding up your palm pilot to read a downloaded book, you can just put on your shades.

The glasses — a splurge at $699.99 — plug into just about anything equipped with a video output, such as portable video players and TVs, digital cameras, digital camcorders and PDAs, which feed the images onto the glasses' screen.


The Adequacy.org Style Troll (AST): A brief refresher.

For every prostitute there is a first time you have sex for money, and for every troll there is a first time you just cut the hell up for the purity of the chaos unleashed, instead of any real belief in the topic at hand.

On the Pro side, it is always safer to ridicule passion than to surrender to it. Although reading ASTs from the victim side is only amusing the first four or five times, perpetrating them can remain amusing for many years as the now-defunct website Adequacy.org demonstrated.

The world is inhabited by an unending procession of marks who will fall for a well-constructed troll, and as not just a troll but an AST you will own them. You will own one of the loftiest perches in the idea-space of humanity, a position unassailable because of its very mutability.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Probably the best movie of this summer, though admittedly that's not saying a whole lot. Certainly, almost flawless in a technical sense. Good editing - a lot happens, but you're never bored. It's definitely a fun movie. Worth full price.

That said, I didn't enjoy as much as I was hoping. I listened to too much of the mindless blubbering from the local girl brigade, who, like most women, worship the very particles of breath that Johnny Depp exhales. This is not the best movie ever, no matter what certain blindly worshipping fangirls may tell you.

Which is not to say it's an out-and-out chick-flick at all. Throw in some big swordfights and shots of Keira Knightley's very nice ass in tight british soldier pants, and just about any guy will be kept happy. They did a good job keeping everything in balance.

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The movie may or may not turn out good. The vampires look pretty cool, but the werewolf costumes look pretty cheesy.

Regardless, I just thought the site design was really well done. I'm always the first in line to whine about badly-designed sites that (ab)use Flash, so here's one where I'll conceed that the Flash actually adds to the site instead of detracting.

Link courtesy of Mike