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July 21st, 2003 - Adventures in Engineering — LiveJournal
The wanderings of a modern ronin.

Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2003-07-21 13:35
  Subject:   Woz jumps on the RFID bandwagon.
From /.:

Woz and Apple advocate an automated RFID tracking system for your dog and your kids!

RFID Apologist: "Nobody would EVER use RFID to track people! Heavens no! No, never!"

Me: "Uh-huh. Right. Let me know when you figure out how to use the can-opener..."
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2003-07-21 17:27
  Subject:   Unemployed man getting really good at unemployment.


Oh, irony, thou art a harsh mistress...

(Link courtesy of Mike)
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