August 2nd, 2003


Banned from the SDMB.

The Straight Dope is a good site. A site that I frequent and enjoy. Plenty of smart people, interesting content, and generally food for your head.

Unfortunatly there are a few mods on the message board who, in my opinion, are very much lacking. This isn't the first time I've torn into them for being arbitrary and narrow-minded, but I think I really pissed them off this time.

As of the writing of this entry, my handle there, MikeRochenelle, has apparently been banned from not just posting to the board, but even READING it! (Which is silly of course, since I can just turn off cookies and read everything anyway.)

Well, it's always nice to know what kind of people you're dealing with. If I had any doubts on that score, they are certainly removed now...