August 7th, 2003


Anyone still in denial?

mapAmobile is a service which can give you the peace of mind of knowing where your loved ones or colleagues are at any time, without intruding on their day to day activity. It uses the mobile phone network to locate a mobile phone anywhere in the UK. You can access this information from this website, via text message or by making a phone call.

You may be thinking, "well this is only in the UK - that could NEVER happen here." Wrong. I personally worked on the codebase for a software package that was installed in the telephone network of tens of cities in the USA that allows the police to geo-locate your phone when you dial 911. (Indeed, that the police have this ability to geolocate your cell phone is MANDATED by the FCC - that means in order to do business, a cell phone company must provide this tracking capability by federal law.) Our marketing guys were slobbering over the idea of something like the above. They had the glossy product sheets all printed up. "Location based services" was the marketing-speak. Keep an eye out for that phrase to appear in cell phone service agreements in the very near future, if it isn't in them already.