August 19th, 2003


Weaponry control rant, re: Australia banning swords.

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The province of Victoria, Australia wants to ban private ownership of samurai swords and crossbows. Their rationale?

"It is about making them generally unavailable to those people who just want to carry them around, either for self-defence or to commit deliberately aggressive acts," he said.

So there you have it - they don't even want people to be able to use such things for self-defense. Yet another "if you get mugged or raped or murdered, just sit back and enjoy it!" argument. Simply unbelievable...

It's not much harder to kill someone with a club instead of a sword. Is Australia going to ban the posession of 2x4s next? And after that, big rocks? I mean, there were probably all of, oh, THREE fatalities caused by people intentionally using each of these things in the last year, so aren't they a huge public health threat? :P

LOL, la/\/\e camp3rzZ!!!

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Since 1996, QuakeCon has been the video game industry's Woodstock, a 21st century blend of tough games, fast computers and mostly white, teenage boys in black T-shirts.

But changes are afoot at the event, which grew out of fans' love of the "Quake" line of games: visceral, violent titles in which players gather online to blow each other up as fast as possible.

Girls, older people - even entire families - are joining in the fun.