August 26th, 2003


Don't mess with the US interstate highway system!

to John Sojourner, in this modern free market society, one way to make a buck is to combine technology with the old-fashioned laws of supply and demand.

So last month, when he heard that folks were stealing road signs along U.S. Highway 666 in the Four Corners, Sojourner contacted a local sign-making company, ordered up replica signs that closely resembled the original and began auctioning them on eBay.

He quickly discovered that his hunch was right, that the demand far exceeded the approximately 15 signs that disappeared from a stretch of devil's highway in northern New Mexico shortly after it was announced in June that the highway's number would change to the less spooky (thereby less marketable) U.S. 491.

Sojourner said sales were slow but steady once he posted the merchandise on July 7, selling as many as 15 signs in one day during his first week in business. And at 50 bucks per sign, he proudly admits he was enjoying his new vocation as an auctioneer.

But business stopped booming on July 21, when Sojourner learned he was under investigation for selling stolen property.

Long and short of it is, he was selling stuff that was completely legal. Then the Feds shut down his EBay auction, and came and hassled him. After they discovered they were dumb for doing so, they wouldn't even pick up the phone and tell EBay, "Never mind, we screwed up."

Your tax dollars at work. So, anyone know where either Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussien is? Nope, didn't think so...