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Adventures in Engineering
The wanderings of a modern ronin.

Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2003-09-09 14:45
  Subject:   [/.] "Heavy metal??" "Weighty brass! Give me a chance!!"
  Music:Billy and the Boingers - I'm a Boinger.mp3

("I'm A Boinger" MP3)

Was Bowie ever a fairy?
Was Debbie, ever Harry?
Was Elvis ever the king?
Let's not get reflective...

Does Barbara wish she was goy?
Is George really a Boy?
Was Filthy ever Divine?
It's all subjective.

And the answers to all this,
lie with their psycho-analysts.
Just relax...
Just relax...
Cuz I'm a boinger.

Hahahaha! DAS RIGHT!! Berk is back, bitches!
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2003-09-09 15:50
  Subject:   [Geekery] Roll your own tinyurl?
Since TinyURL was dead in the water last night, I got to thinking...

How hard do you think it would be to make tinyurl.cgi.pl given a working webserver, perl distro, and the Berzerkely DB library?

Not too hard, is my guess. Nice little rainy day project. My.tinyurl.com. ;]
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2003-09-09 17:29
  Subject:   [Trivial Shit] Got Splinter Cell and Hitman 2.
If you were thinking about buying me Splinter Cell or Hitman 2 for my birthday, you'll have to find something else. I was in town today and stopped by GameForce. I got Splinter Cell used for $20 and Hitman 2 for $15. The guy behind the counter was like, "Damn dude, you got a good deal here!" He didn't have any used copies of Soul Calibur II though, so that's still an option.

I also went by Robbs Music. They were sold out of the Fender MT-10 Mini-Twin amp, or I would have gotten that. (Sale price there - $38. w00t!) They said they'd have more in about a week. (I didn't think to look at Woodsongs - I should have.)

But I did get a new set of strings for my axe. The counter guy smirked at me because I bought GHS Guitar Boomer strings, which are lame. He didn't realize that I KNOW they suck, but at my skill level it doesn't matter a damn bit how poor a grade of string you use. I also got a couple of steel guitar picks, which will be great. I'm not satisfied with the Fender extra heavy picks - they're too thick and they're still not stiff enough. The steel picks are awesome, however. Also, they'll make cool (if very unskilled sounding) "zing" sounds as I pick the strings.

Oh yeah, and I spent $98.57 on really fucking obnoxious, yuppy, corporate, I'm-a-fucking-herd-animal-bleating-sheeple-slave-to-the-man slacks and dress shirts (two of each) so I have something to wear at my fucking retail hell job. Yay for wasting money I really can't afford on uncomfortable clothes that I will burn as soon as I get a real job. God I need a real job. Is Bush fucking out of office yet? :P

And now, I am going to go play Hitman 2 and do laundry. Since both the washing machine and PS2 are in the basement, this combination will work out wonderfully.
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2003-09-09 23:32
  Subject:   Presents going fast...
Talked to mom tonite about my day, mentioned that I looked for the Mini-Twin amp. She said it was such a cool thing that she's going to get me it for my birthday. This is the first time in about a decade that I can remember actually wanting something for my birthday - usually nobody can figure out what to buy for me and I can't think of anything I want.

So those of you still reading, either pool your dinero and get me Soul Calibur II, or else think up something yourself - the amp is off the list.
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