September 9th, 2003


[/.] "Heavy metal??" "Weighty brass! Give me a chance!!"

("I'm A Boinger" MP3)

Was Bowie ever a fairy?
Was Debbie, ever Harry?
Was Elvis ever the king?
Let's not get reflective...

Does Barbara wish she was goy?
Is George really a Boy?
Was Filthy ever Divine?
It's all subjective.

And the answers to all this,
lie with their psycho-analysts.
Just relax...
Just relax...
Cuz I'm a boinger.

Hahahaha! DAS RIGHT!! Berk is back, bitches!
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    Billy and the Boingers - I'm a Boinger.mp3

[Geekery] Roll your own tinyurl?

Since TinyURL was dead in the water last night, I got to thinking...

How hard do you think it would be to make given a working webserver, perl distro, and the Berzerkely DB library?

Not too hard, is my guess. Nice little rainy day project. ;]

[Trivial Shit] Got Splinter Cell and Hitman 2.

If you were thinking about buying me Splinter Cell or Hitman 2 for my birthday, you'll have to find something else. I was in town today and stopped by GameForce. I got Splinter Cell used for $20 and Hitman 2 for $15. The guy behind the counter was like, "Damn dude, you got a good deal here!" He didn't have any used copies of Soul Calibur II though, so that's still an option.

I also went by Robbs Music. They were sold out of the Fender MT-10 Mini-Twin amp, or I would have gotten that. (Sale price there - $38. w00t!) They said they'd have more in about a week. (I didn't think to look at Woodsongs - I should have.)

But I did get a new set of strings for my axe. The counter guy smirked at me because I bought GHS Guitar Boomer strings, which are lame. He didn't realize that I KNOW they suck, but at my skill level it doesn't matter a damn bit how poor a grade of string you use. I also got a couple of steel guitar picks, which will be great. I'm not satisfied with the Fender extra heavy picks - they're too thick and they're still not stiff enough. The steel picks are awesome, however. Also, they'll make cool (if very unskilled sounding) "zing" sounds as I pick the strings.

Oh yeah, and I spent $98.57 on really fucking obnoxious, yuppy, corporate, I'm-a-fucking-herd-animal-bleating-sheeple-slave-to-the-man slacks and dress shirts (two of each) so I have something to wear at my fucking retail hell job. Yay for wasting money I really can't afford on uncomfortable clothes that I will burn as soon as I get a real job. God I need a real job. Is Bush fucking out of office yet? :P

And now, I am going to go play Hitman 2 and do laundry. Since both the washing machine and PS2 are in the basement, this combination will work out wonderfully.

Presents going fast...

Talked to mom tonite about my day, mentioned that I looked for the Mini-Twin amp. She said it was such a cool thing that she's going to get me it for my birthday. This is the first time in about a decade that I can remember actually wanting something for my birthday - usually nobody can figure out what to buy for me and I can't think of anything I want.

So those of you still reading, either pool your dinero and get me Soul Calibur II, or else think up something yourself - the amp is off the list.