September 15th, 2003


Ben's birthday party.

Sunday, September 28th, 2003
Rancho Mariposa Y Lobo, aka my Mom's llama ranch (email me if you want directions)
1pm to whenever

I'll have burgers, beer and wine waiting.

If you're reading this, then feel free to drop by. Further, if you even know me vaguely, also feel free to drop by. I'm not worried about casting a wide net here - the drive up is plenty sufficient to scare away those weak of heart OR stomach. It's only about an hour from Boulder by car, but the last half is pretty rugged. (Actual quote from j_b: "Yeah, we got lost on the way up, and then we saw some elk.")

Those of you who've been wanting to see the place and/or the animalia, this is your chance.

You can RSVP in a comment below if you want too, but I'm not much worried either way.

The only present I'm interested in is a copy of Soul Calibur II for the PS2. If everyone wants to pool their money for that, that'd be excellent. Almost everyone's financial situation sucks major ass right now, and I have more than enough toys already, so nothing else please. Though if you want to get me a humorous card, that'd be perfectly cool.

Email me or post a comment below if you have any other questions.