September 20th, 2003


[Trivial Shit] So hard to choose who to kill first...

Do I kill Microsoft for distributing mail clients, web browsers and operating systems with "features" that a clinically brain-dead alpaca dosed up to its furry little ears on crystal meth would consider too easily exploitable?

Do I kill all the morons who have chosen to use said software, when significantly better alternatives have been available for years, usually for free?

Or do I just kill the idiot who thinks he was clever because he can write a worm that sends fake e-mail claiming to be from Microsoft Support? (I don't know about you, but I sent my first fake e-mail somewhere between the ages of 14 and 16. I thought it was clever at the time. I don't think so now.)

"But why are you complaining? After all, you don't run Windoze, so the virus doesn't impact you, right?"

Wrong. You see, every moron who runs Windoze, uses Internet Exploiter and PUTS MY EMAIL ADDRESS IN HIS OUTLOOK ADDRESS BOOK - and there appear to be a whole fucking lot of these people out there - causes me to get pages and pages of viral spam. I hadn't checked my mail for two days previously when I checked it tonite. I had 5 screenfulls of virus emails - and three legit emails mixed in among them. Hey look, a scavenger hunt! Isn't this fun! WHEEE!!!

Every once in a while I get an ornery streak and decide that I'm going to give spammers the ultimate "fuck you": a whitelist of email addresses that will be the only ones that will be allowed to send me email. Unfortunately for me, I'm not as much of a misanthrope as I would like to think, and I really would miss the random emails that people I hardly know send me.

Still, shit like this gets me awfully ornery...

Maybe I need to stop trying to decide who to kill first. Maybe it's easier to just decide who dies last, and get on to killing all the other fuckwits in the world.