September 23rd, 2003


[Movies] Underworld

Probably the best vampire movie I've seen since the original Blade. (Let's face it, Blade II kinda bit... (ha!)) I think I got my $8.50 worth out of it. Of course, I tend to enjoy this genre of film. If you don't, or only like the genre somewhat, then obviously stay away or catch a matinee. I felt Blade II's "message" (if pure popcorn flicks like this can even be said to have messages) was that cloning was bad and you will be killed if you use genetic technology. I hated that. Seemed very reactionary. Underworld, by contrast, seemed to display the message that interbreeding, even if it's against society's conservative mores, can sometimes bring unexpected vigor. I like that message a lot better. I also liked the "surprise" plot twist they worked into the last five seconds of the movie. And that's all I'm gonna say about that...

Movies I also want to catch when I have time:

Once Upon A Time In Mexico - I actively liked Desperado, even if the whole movie was just a big excuse for cool gunfights. And El Mariachi wasn't bad.

Matchstick Men - No real reason I want to see this, just looked entertaining and meaningless. And sometimes, that's all I want out of a movie.

Just after Matrix Reloaded, I thought it would feel like forever before Matrix Revolutions came out. But we're not too far away from that. Return Of The King is still a bit off.

It's nice for once that there are more movies in the theaters that I actually want to see than I will likely have time for. Normally exactly the opposite is true.