September 29th, 2003


Obligatory alt.sysadmin.recovery: I really don't like Mondays...

Today started out wonderfully - with the well pump failing as I was washing the shampoo out of my hair. I didn't mange to get the soap out of my eyes before the water shut off. Apparently, some Darwin-award winning woodpecker thought the powerlines up to this place looked like a fun thing to chisel through. I hear his normal red color was quite charred and black after he managed to take 200 amps across the brain-pan.

So I got to wash my face and brush my teeth at work today. And until you've seen the dingy pit that is the bathroom at Radio Shack #8614, you have no idea of the great pleasure of this experience.

At approximately 1pm, I was at -$84 in sales for the day. Now there's a way to endear yourself to your boss. Speaking of, I also got to do the cash drop again tonite, at 8:30pm. I am not a person who likes to carry around a lot of cash. I get nervous with more than $40 on me. Making a cash drop after dark, even in Boulder, is not something I enjoy. I'm seriously considering getting a carry permit and packing heat. Though I'm a defender of gun rights, I also think that a society in which people NEED to carry a gun is one that has failed in a very fundamental way. Hence, the fact that I'm seriously contemplating carrying a gun makes me think my life has gone wrong in a very big way. (Well, what a startling fucking revelation that is...)

The apartment complex I went by to check out as prospective housing was not quite crack-haus territory, but it didn't fill me with happy feelings either. Let's put it this way - even the hallways that lead to the external doors to the apartments had locked doors at either end. Real safe neighborhood.

The bank called, I apparently missed this month's AND last month's payment on my bike. I had enough in my account to cover it, but that was money I was planning to use for something else. What the hell, who needs a security deposit anyway?

I fucking hate Mondays...

The random news update.

I'm not in the "market." I'm interested in Linux because of the technology, and Linux wasn't started as any kind of rebellion against the "evil Microsoft empire." Quite the reverse, in fact: from a technology angle, Microsoft really has been one of the least interesting companies. So I've never seen it as a "Linus versus Bill" thing. I just can't see myself in the position of the nemesis, since I just don't care enough. To be a nemesis, you have to actively try to destroy something, don't you? Really - I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect.

This article ran in the NY Times (and hit Slashdot) a while ago, but I just now found the mirror site above. I'm not much for the NYT's "you have to tell us all your demographic info before you can view our stories" policy. I don't have to tell them my address to buy their paper on the street, so I see no reason to do so it the web...

Lots of comments on /. about how Linus looks bad in this picture. I disagree. He's a bit sunburned on the cheeks, but he looks like California has done him good. A little thinner than I remember, and he looks pretty mellow.

In other news:

A five-year-old Australian girl shocked teachers when she showed her class how to make a bong out of a Coke bottle during a "show and tell" session.

At least two instances have been reported to the Education Department of children aged between five and 12 being caught with drugs at school.

In one case the drug was amphetamine. Teachers have indicated this may be the tip of the iceberg.

"The little girl showing how to make a bong was the most in-your-face example of drug culture among primary school students I've heard of," one teacher said.

"It's not unheard of that primary school children will be found with drugs at school," the teacher said.

"Usually it's just a bit of dope - they've probably nicked it from their mum's purse and brought it along to show off.",4057,7401630%255E13569,00.html

I just don't know WHAT to think about this one...