October 1st, 2003


Wanna save the fucking world? Ride a damn motorcycle.

My point is that if large numbers of commuters were to trade in their four wheels for two we could decrease the amount of oil we use in this country. Overnight. No fuel cell cars necessary. I love the concept of a fuel cell car but there is no infrastructure to supply the necessary Hydrogen and no economical way yet to separate the H2 from the O. There are many barriers that stand in the way before we have mainstream access to such things. While it is an exciting technology for the future we need a solution now.


Bruce Sterling's top ten technologies that need to die.


Obvious, but still a fun read.

I beat Slashdot to this one, so nyeah nyeah!

Incidentally, the MIT Tech review is actually a halfway decent tech magazine - though their latest "top 500 innovators" issue was pretty damn boring. The previous one, with the article about Boeing's new extra fuel-efficient 7E7 jet, was far more interesting.