October 8th, 2003


A Tale of Two Johns

Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns was surprisingly entertaining. Very interesting visually, a just a hell of a lot of fun for even a casual TMBG fan.

Yeah, it was a bit long. Yes, it did drag in one or two spots. But overall I had a hell of a good time watching it. The film had a fair bit of humor, and as far as subjects go it's hard to imagine a more intellectually interesting pair than Flansburgh and Linnel. The clips from the early 80's TMBG videos were a real trip, and of course the music - which is strewn plentifully throughout - is just utterly enjoyable.

Ana Ng and I are getting old
And we still haven't walked in the glow of each other's majestic presence
Listen Ana hear my words
They're the ones you would think I would say, if there was a me for you...

When I was driving once I saw this painted on a bridge:
"I don't want the world... I just want your half."
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