October 17th, 2003


Nightmare Before Christmas, Sat. midnight @ The Mayan.

Looks like enishi2000 isn't going to be able to do The Nightmare Before Christmas due to job hours and money issues. Quite understandable - it's that kind of an economy. See http://www.livejournal.com/users/enishi2000/14404.html

However, I REALLY want to see this movie, and on the big screen is best. So, I'm going anyway. If anyone wants to meet up, hitch a ride, etc, the cell is 303-817-5817. Leave a message (with your number if you're not sure I have it) if you want to meet up. Or just show up at The Mayan in Denver at 11:45ish on Saturday (tomorrow, 10/18) night.

[MeFi] Black Like I Thought I Was

Wayne Joseph is a 51-year-old high school principal in Chino whose family emigrated from the segregated parishes of Louisiana to central Los Angeles in the 1950s, as did mine. Like me, he is of Creole stock and is therefore on the lighter end of the black color spectrum, a common enough circumstance in the South that predates the multicultural movement by centuries. And like most other black folk, Joseph grew up with an unequivocal sense of his heritage and of himself; he tends toward black advocacy and has published thoughtful opinion pieces on racial issues in magazines like Newsweek. When Joseph decided on a whim to take a new ethnic DNA test he saw described on a 60 Minutes segment last year, it was only to indulge a casual curiosity about the exact percentage of black blood; virtually all black Americans are mixed with something, he knew, but he figured it would be interesting to make himself a guinea pig for this new testing process, which is offered by a Florida-based company called DNA Print Genomics Inc. The experience would at least be fodder for another essay for Newsweek. He got his kit in the mail, swabbed his mouth per the instructions and sent off the DNA samples for analysis.