October 26th, 2003


[MeFi] Computerized voting fraud - Diebold Corp

"DELAND, Fla., Nov. 11 - Something very strange happened on election night to Deborah Tannenbaum, a Democratic Party official in Volusia County. At 10 p.m., she called the county elections department and learned that Al Gore was leading George W. Bush 83,000 votes to 62,000. But when she checked the county's Web site for an update half an hour later, she found a startling development: Gore's count had dropped by 16,000 votes, while an obscure Socialist candidate had picked up 10,000--all because of a single precinct with only 600 voters."
- Washington Post Sunday , November 12, 2000 ; Page A22


I doubt this is news to anyone reading my LJ. If you're a person who gets most of your news off the net (and increasingly, us young smart people do...) you'd have to be living under a rock to not know about this Diebold scandal by now. Never the less, here it is again - backed up by memos from Diebold's actual employees. (Who don't seem like bad guys, to be quite honest. Looks like someone deeper in the company was screwing with things...)

[Fark] Corporate Mofo does _The Courtesan Tales_

Nicole Blackman's Courtesan Tales is billed as a one-person show performed for an audience of one, but in reality, there are at least two people involved besides Ms. Blackman: The lovely and pleasant "assistant" who serves you mint tea, takes your fee ($20 per story), and presents the menu of tales; and you, the audience member yourself. Because the performance is so personal, your reactions, and what goes on inside of your mind, are as much a part of the experience as anything the "Courtesan" does. There's no voyeurism here.


We appear to be an extremely lonely AND wealthy society when people will pay $20 to be tied to a chair and have a story told to them...

Or maybe I'm just hopelessly vanilla. ;]