November 1st, 2003


Article on BGC @ AnimeNation.

But beside just its fortuitous release scheduling, Bubblegum Crisis had something that had never been seen in anime before. Bubblegum Crisis was the first true "cyberpunk" anime. Especially for American fans who knew very little about anime at the time, Bubblegum Crisis epitomized the American idealization of what anime was. It was mature and dark and serious and violent. Prior to Bubblegum Crisis, Dirty Pair was equal parts sci-fi action and comedy. Iczer-One was an anime homage to Ultraman and other traditional live action hero shows that weren't taken seriously by Americans. Gall Force, although serious and dramatic, was brightly color and cheerful. Bubblegum Crisis was (intentionally) the spiritual successor to Blade Runner. It captured the attention and imagination of American viewers the way no other anime of the period could.

I'm not sure I agree that BGC was the "first true cyberpunk anime." Though I can't think of what that would be, I'm always wary of someone claming anything to be "the one true blah, blah, blah..."

Still, my love affair with BGC has lasted more than a decade now. So Suzuki, Sonoda and Takezaki must have done something right.

[Fark] Our women are being corrupted by the evil of online pr0n!

After putting her daughter to bed, Maggie, 42, routinely sat at her computer for hours, mesmerized by an online world of erotic stories and real-time sexual discussions.

Beth, 33, usually clicked on the most visually graphic sites, disproving the theory that only men are enticed by pornography.

"A lot of people don't realize this happens with women, too," says Beth, who, along with Maggie, asked that their last names not be revealed.

The myth began long ago, perhaps because women were rarely seen walking into seedy adult bookstores.

(The website may require you to give your age, gender and area code. Which is cool by me - they can't spam me or send me junk mail with that info.)

The really hilarious part of the article is later on when Donna Rice (yes, the same one who derailed Gary Hart's presidential campaign by having an affair with him) delivers a scortching criticism of porn because it promotes "sex without relationships, sex without commitment, sex without consequences, sex without love, sex without children" etc.

What, you mean porn promotes masturbation?? WELL THANK YOU FOR THAT NEWS FLASH CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!! ;]