November 8th, 2003


Lest anyone get the wrong idea about how I feel about Saddam...

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Saddam Hussein's government is believed to have buried as many as 300,000 opponents in 263 mass graves that dot the Iraqi landscape, the top human rights official in the U.S.-led civilian administration said Saturday.

Sandy Hodgkinson said the administration has been sending forensic teams to investigate those grave sites reported to U.S. officials. So far, the existence of about 40 graves has been confirmed.

"We have found mass graves with women and children with bullet holes in their heads," she said.,0,2467876,print.story%3fcoll=sns-ap-world-headlines

[Fark] Meanwhile, in New Hampshire...

If a married woman has sex with another woman, is that adultery? The New Hampshire Supreme Court, ruling in a divorce case, says no.

The court was asked to review a case in which a husband accused his wife of adultery after she had a sexual relationship with another woman. Robin Mayer of Brownsville, Vt., was named in the divorce proceedings of David and Sian Blanchflower of Hanover.

A Family Court judge decided Mayer and Sian Blanchflower's relationship did constitute adultery, but Mayer appealed to the state's Supreme Court, arguing that gay sex is not adultery under New Hampshire divorce law.

Three of the five justices agreed. Two others - generally considered the court's more conservative members - did not.