November 16th, 2003


Mommy, why do postal workers go nuts?

MILWAUKEE - A four-foot alligator chewed its way out of a shipping carton before a postal worker tossed it into a hamper and called animal control officers.

Employees were sorting mail Friday when they noticed the alligator chewing its way out of an Express Mail box, said JoAnne Blackburn, a Postal Service spokeswoman.

Workers tried to tape the box closed, but the alligator bit it open.

"The nose ... was sticking out with its teeth hanging out," said postal employee Jennifer Hejdak. She said a co-worker picked it up by its tail and threw it in a hamper.

Alligators longer than 20 inches are not allowed to be sent through the mail, and officials said the shipment from Milwaukee to Colorado was under review.,0,5575659,print.story?coll=sns-ap-nation-headlines

It's good that we have regulations about this kind of thing. I mean, you wouldn't want someone mailing alligators around. Unless they were, you know... small alligators. Mailing full grown alligators - now that would just be goofy!

(Thanks to PhuqYew over at for the link.)