November 17th, 2003


My dose of Zen philosophy for today.

There is a difference between a boxer who wins, and a boxer who continues to beat his opponent into a bloody pulp long after the bell has sounded. There is a difference between one who provokes a fight, and one who is provoked. Both are fighters, but that is not the issue. Both the one who is provoked, and the boxer who wins fairly and with respect, are not blamed for their behavior. But there is a point after which society condemns even the protector for his actions.

That is the line that the Zen trained martial artists does not cross. He truly acts only in response to aggression. He does not seek it out. When made, his responses are non-resistant and non-violent. He is a man of peace, content to paint his sumi-e, do his ikebana, and practice his swordsmanship, in all ways constantly refining his technique.

When called upon to act, he simply acts. When he paints, he paints. When he uses his sword, he simply uses his sword. When he is pushed, he does not push back. He lets whatever it is go right past him. His response is purely defensive. It is also decisive.

-From the introduction to The Book Of Five Rings

[Onion] What Do You Think: Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Whenever I go on a pro-choice rant, the evil little voice in the back of my head always taunts me with that one line from Consolidated's song "Typical Male" (off their excellent album Friendly Fa$cism):

"The typical male supports abortion - why not? He impregenates women, and then can't deal with the consequences..."

I do love Consolidated, but sometimes I think they take their ultra-liberal white-male self-loathing a little too far...

(And let us not forget MeFi link of the moment: Ladies Against Women.)

More Bush bashing.

Found any WMD yet? How about now? (Warning: Flash w/sound)

But what the hell, what's 450+ American soldiers (men and women both - sexual equality in the military's a bitch, innit?) and ten times that in civillians dead? It was all worth it so that Halliburton could get a $2 billion dollar government subsidy, right? Even if there never were any WMD in Iraq. (Because Hussien is simply too goddamn stupid to figure out how to make them.)

Remember kids - we take those who are brave enough to defend our country with their very lives, and we send them to get shot in the head in Iraq so that Dick Cheney's stock options can increase in value another quarter point. God bless the Bush II Administration!