January 28th, 2006


"I hate you, ficman Ben."

Image (C) 2k6 Philip J. Moyer

   "Well, I'll give them this," Priss Asagiri said between bites of her hero sandwich. "They're not hard to keep track of."
   "No kidding," the voice of Linna Yamazaki crackled back in the earphones Priss wore. "They've had lunch in this same restaurant every day so far. It's like they want to be found."
   "Maybe they do," Priss replied laconically. She took a swig of her warm Pepsi, made a face, and made a mental note to get after Sylia about fixing the fridge in the mobile surveillance unit again.
   "Hell," she went on, "maybe they're just lonely and this whole thing is a cockeyed plot to meet girls."
   "Great," Linna replied. "Now every time I look at them I'm going to think, 'Hey, there go the Knight Stalkers.' I hate you, Milkman Dan."

-From BGC: The Iron Age. Issue #1: "Meet Interesting Singles in Your Area"

You know what I hate the most about Eyrie Productions? They make me want to write fanfic again. Even though I know I'm horrible at it. Even though multiple (okay, two) previous attempts have resulted in failure, either large or small. Even though I know that at 30, I'm way too old for that crap.

But reading their stuff is just so goddamn much FUN that it makes me want to play along.

I hate you, ficman Hutchins. I hate you, ficman Zoner. ;]
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