February 8th, 2006


Public announcement for The Ghetto Webserver.

Welcome to the home page of the Ghetto Webserver. This is a quick hack, non-HTTP/1.0 complaint webserver I coded up in an afternoon, and refined a bit in another. It's written in plain C, using the UNIX sockets API. The original version was ~180 lines, alpha 2 (below) is up to ~250. I'm putting it up in the hope that it may be useful and/or interesting for people attempting to learn sockets, or those who want a simple example of a webserver implementation without too much extra crud that might obscure the basic functionality, or people looking for an EXTREMELY simple, lightweight and free-as-in-beer webserver for embedded applications.


I liked this little project I hacked up so much, that I decided I'd make a web page for it. Enjoy!
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