April 18th, 2006


Rob Zombie: not as good in concert, unfortunately.

I don't know whether Rob Zombie is overly produced when he's in the studio, or if the person who runs his sound board at concerts isn't so great at their job. Whatever the explanation, only three of the songs I heard this evening actually sounded, to my ear, like Zombie's albums. Which is a shame, because those albums are real aural treats. With the cheesy horror movies samples, thrashing bass grooves, Rob's constant "yeahhhhh" vocals and all their other great ear candy. If the concert had been at the Ogden, I could have written off the bad sound due to a crap sound system. But this was the Fillmore, and when I went to see MegaDeth there, they sounded... maybe not super great, but at least 90% like what their CDs sound like. That number was more like 50% (possibly less) at this show.

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[MeFi] More news from the "fucking DUH" category.

Bush admits he lied about Iraqi mobile germ labs, and admits there have been no WMD found in Iraq. As always, admitting the blatantly obvious two to three years too late.

Rumsfeld "personally involved" with the torture of inmate at Guantanamo. Don't send a fucking Diplomat to do a General's job. The Bush admn could have listened to Powell, but noooo... we're going to let an idiot Neocon idealogue with no clue about reality run our war!
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