April 21st, 2006


[MeFi] Another article on Bush II in Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone has done an excellent political character assassination piece on W:


No lack of thoroughness here! That's a damn complete argument for W being a total failure.

(Actually, he won't be a total failure until he leaves office with Osama bin Laden still at large. Which is still the most likely outcome.)

[Digg] Five truths about code optimization.

Although my change made only a tiny difference in the speed of the code, I did gain something. I was reminded that when optimizing, you need to profile first and code later. I was so darned sure it was the serialization that I didn't bother to profile the code. Well OK, so I took my change out and profiled the code. Surprise! The culprit turned out to be in the way we were reading and writing the data to the file. Our IO was completely unbuffered -- we were laboriously reading and writing all that data one byte at a time. Compared to huge IO overhead, the serialization was a drop in the bucket.

My experience is not unusual: Your best guess as to what is making this program a pig is usually wrong. The only way to know is to run your code with a profiler and see which bits are the slow ones.


Watch that housing bubble pop...

Thousands of homes in foreclosure could put Colorado's housing market under severe stress this summer, according to real-estate experts. Colorado reported 5,392 foreclosures in March, making for the highest rate per household of any state, according to RealtyTrac, a provider of foreclosure listings.


Don't worry - even after the bubble bursts, you still won't be able to buy a tar-paper shack with no running water for less than $350k in Boulder.

HP Storage Arrays: #1 with a bullet!!

HP has a tendency to use gun metaphors when talking about their storage solutions, and the newest one is "bulletproof." So, they went and shot a .308 Win rifle bullet clean through a half-million dollar Storageworks XP12000 server. While it was running.

The bullet went right through it, but only half way through the fishtank on the other side. That is what you get with .308 rounds - not enough stopping power vs high-end storage arrays backed by fishtanks. In either case, they proved that their Storageworks arrays can literally take a bullet while streaming video, and never miss a frame.


Video here.

(via technudge)
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