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Adventures in Engineering
The wanderings of a modern ronin.

Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2006-04-24 20:21
  Subject:   And again I learn about bad tools...
  Mood:forehead smashing desktop
  Music:"Bring me the heads of Pavel Baranov and David Hobday..."
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2006-04-24 20:41
  Subject:   Remember that you're unique and different - just like everyone else.
Well, mercyspeaks tagged me with this damn meme, and I've thought about it for a bit here... and I have come to the thundering conclusion that I cannot think of a single interesting, extraordinary or unusual thing about me. Really, not one. Your average big nerd from Colorado. That's it. Nothing anyone who met me once would remember after a year, much less ten or twenty.

I can tell you all sorts of boring, trivial crap. That I own a fast sports car and an even faster motorcycle, (no that's not me, but it is my same exact bike) but rarely seem to get a chance to use either, tending to put miles on my 45 MPG Honda Civic hatchback instead. (Though I did get my mom a speeding ticket on Saturday - blew past a police officer so fast that he ticketed the next motorcyclist who came by purely out of spite. ;D)

I could tell you that I'm a gun owner, avid target shooter, and mediocre marksman with a rifle... and yet a political liberal who favors some fairly unusual kinds of gun control. Also a fanatically anti-war, isolationist peacenik who wants to leave the USA in shame over the lies that W used to justify the invasion of Iraq - and the idiot public (and Congress) who swallowed it all hook, line and sinker.

I'll tell you that despite the previous two items, and the fact that I was born in Texas, and that I have wavy hair... sorry no, I don't own a cowboy hat. So take your America-jin stereotypes and shove 'em, slanty-eyes. ;]

I could ramble on about how I recently lost my glasses, (like, two months ago) and haven't yet really felt a terribly strong urge to get a new pair. Apparently my vision is healing itself slightly. Yay me.

I could tell you I'm having a great time playing Half Life 2.

That I once worked in a plastic factory.

I could tell you that I enjoy rock climbing.

And have a lot of chest hair.

I could tell you I like KMFDM.

Or that I don't believe in god. (Though I'm way past caring if other people do.)

Or that I give blood.

But none of this is interesting, none of it is unusual, and it's pushing things to say that this randomly chosen handful of characteristics makes me unique. These are boring, ordinary, everyday traits that anyone could have - and many do.

So, I'm throwing this open to you people. You tell me: can you think of six interesting, unusual or non-ordinary things about me? If so, post 'em here in a comment.
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