May 26th, 2006


Boulder Outdoor Cinema summer schedule

These are just my personal picks, there are many more:

Friday, June 16 - Enter the Dragon
Friday, July 7 - Office Space
Friday, July 14 - Serenity (!!!)
Saturday, July 15 - Princess Bride
Friday, July 21 - The Big Lebowski
Saturday, July 22 - Ghostbusters
Friday, August 11 - Army of Darkness
Saturday, August 12 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
Friday, August 18 - Napoleon Dynamite
Saturday, August 26 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Also, if we find ourselves hard-up for stuff to watch on movie nights, we might consider the "Q" episodes from ST:TNG.
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WoW is serious business...

Playing World of Warcraft nearly got one gamer killed.

According to his blog, gamer antiotter was settling down to a few hours of WoW when suddenly the wall in front of him exploded and a .44 Magnum shell ricocheted around his bedroom. Fortunately, other than plastering him in plaster, our hero was ok, although the bullet passed inches away from him. It turned out that his next door neighbour was posing in the bathroom with a .44 Magnum which just happened to go off.

(Note: "just happened" my ass. The idiot was playing quick-draw with himself in the mirror - using a loaded gun.)

Antiotter clearly popped around to his neighbour's gaff to see what was going on, because he managed to get a picture of the bathroom from where the shots were fired. If you look at the pictures, it is clear that the neighbour has a bit of a collection that he was posing with at the time. The right to bear arms in the bathroom is in the US consitution, although firing them isn't. Since we're dealing here with a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, which would blow your head clean off, Antiotter has to admit that he's feeling lucky.

Which part of "keep the gun unloaded, keep your finger off the trigger, and always keep it pointed in a safe direction" did you not understand? Oh, all three parts? Right...

Can we amend the constitution so that if you prove you're too damn stupid to own a gun, then you can be stripped of your 2nd Amendment rights?