May 30th, 2006


[Fark] Top 10 warning signs of America's slow slide into a police state.

2. "The Long War"

This little piece of clumsy marketing died off quickly, but it gave away what many already suspected: the War on Terror will never end, nor is it meant to end. It is designed to be perpetual. As with the War on Drugs, it outlines a goal that can never be fully attained -- as long as there are pissed off people and explosives. The Long War will eternally justify what are ostensibly temporary measures: suspension of civil liberties, military expansion, domestic spying, massive deficit spending and the like. This short-lived moniker told us all, "get used to it. Things aren't going to change any time soon."

The most amusing thing, of course, is that polls appear to show that more than half of Americans don't give a damn about this. "Warrentless wiretapping? Fine with us!" Stomp all over that-there Constitution! That's all good!
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[Digg] Lego Aircraft Carrier - Sixteen Feet Long!

The aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) is done! 16.4 Feet long. 200,000 Bricks, movable elevators and radar dishes, electric lights on the flight deck, in the hangar, and inside the aircraft, motorized catapult!!! Cost in the 5 digits.

This guy just totally trumped the Oblivion dominos guy in the "I wish I had that much free time" category.
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