June 30th, 2006


JFK Reloaded

JFK Reloaded has been declared abandonware and can now be downloaded for free.

After trying many, many times, the best I can do is 526/1000. I'd make a lousy assassin.

"Bother," said Pooh, as he chambered another round...
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    "Satan called - he says my room is already furnished!"

Going to Taos, NM, July 5-10.

I'll be in Taos, NM July 5-10. Doing a motorcycle trip with my mom and step-dad down there. There's some big multi-tribe Indian gathering. Pueblo, Navajo and Hopi I'm guessing.

This means I'm going to miss a couple of events that people have planned. I'm sorry about that. I will be at j_b's movie night on Monday the 3rd, though, so if you're just dyin' ta see me for some reason, that might be a good time.
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