August 2nd, 2006


More things we were supposed to have here in our brave 21st century future: Jetpacks

Rick Herron, creator of Skywalker Jets, has devised a rocket pack that weighs about 90 pounds and can propel a 200 pound pilot around the air for what is likely the most invigorating 5 minutes of their life. The crazy part is this thing actually works, and it doesn't get your backside all crispy in the process. Rick plans on producing a finalized model that has a range of about 4 miles and includes a GPS unit integrated into a HUD showing flight time and engine information among other things.

I still say this guy needs to learn what a bypass turbine design is. I also envy him his deep pockets - The original pack was made from eight "AT-450" model aircraft turbines made by American Micro Turbine, at a cost of only $4800 each! Hm, eight turbines to power this jetpack. I'm reminded of section 2.3 of RFC 1925...

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