August 3rd, 2006


Like George Carlin says, it's fun to watch humanity kill itself...

This entry of Dan's reminded me of an interesting story.

One of my mom's friends from college noticed her hair was starting to fall out. She went to a doctor and he did bloodwork on her. When she went to get the results, he asked her "What do you eat?" "Oh, I have cereal for breakfast, a can of tunafish for lunch, something for dinner... why?" "Your hair is falling out because you have mercury poisoning. Most likely, the mercury is coming from the tuna."

She stopped eating tuna. Her hair stopped falling out.

You'd think humanity would realize that, ultimately, pollution comes right back around through the ecosystem and harms those what made it just as much as everyone else. But apparently we're not very smart, as species.

Most Libertarians are against laws and regulations that implement environmental protection. They might make the argument that pollution is a "victimless crime." (And I am in general agreed with the idea that an action that doesn't harm or endanger anyone is one that the law has no business interfering with - Vices Are Not Crimes.)

But perhaps this story will make them reconsider that assumption. Pollution can endanger or harm everyone. And so by the Libertarian way of thinking, polluting should really be a crime on par with mass murder - or at least mass aggravated assault. I see environmental protection as a very natural consequence of the best and highest ideals of the libertarian mindset.
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[/.] I, for one, welcome our new Nipponese moon-men overlords.

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) announced at a conference that they are planning to build a Moonbase by 2030. Since JAXA doesn't currently have a 100 ton-class heavy lift rocket or a human transportation system perhaps now is a good time for JAXA to join in with NASA on the Project Constellation rocket program.

Apparently all your moon base will no longer belong to US...