August 7th, 2006


[Digg] Bump-keying, or your pin tumbler locks are now trivially easy to pick.

It's been possible almost since they were invented to pick pin-tumbler locks. Before bump-keying, though, it at least took some somewhat specialized equipment (lock picks) and at least a couple hours of study to do it reliably. No longer. With bump keying, your lock can be picked in a few seconds by anyone with a file, a screwdriver with a rubber handle, and any key (doesn't have to be a blank) that fits your lock's keyway. And it requires almost no skill to speak of. And the more expensive and better machined lock you have, the easier it is.

I don't mean to make like this is the end of the world. When I watched the video, I was laughing my butt off every time they demonstrated how easy it was to bump a lock... that was two inches away from A GLASS WINDOW! If someone really wants to get into your house, all they have to do is pick up any rock from your yard (or the jackhandle from their car, or the ceramic top from a broken spark-plug they have in their pocket, etc, etc) and break your window.

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Geeks with guns!!

So apparently the MythBusters are going to do "Gunslingers" myths:

"Don't mess with the nerds!!" Hahahaha!

This little B&W shot may well be my new favorite picture EVAR. I snicker like a certifiable maniac every time I look at it. I may have to Photoshop in a sword hilt sticking over Grant's left shoulder. And then maybe Blade's black leather jacket. ^o^

I really need to get a paid account so I can RSS syndicate Grant's MySpace blog. Too much fun.