August 8th, 2006


And this is why Ben can't have nice things...

Thank you for your order of the BWT katana with the Higo tsuba. We have
sold the last one and are now out of stock. But we have the Motto Gotto and
it is at 15% off (Our Beat the Heat Summer Sale). The price would be
$313.65 and free ground shipping.
Please let me know.

Thank you,
Clyde Hollis
Generation2 Historical Recreations!

Yes, I could buy one cheaper, take it apart, put my own tsuba on it... but I'm not sure I'd be able to get the handle back on securely, and I'd rather not go to the trouble. One great thing about this was that I has pretty much found exactly what I wanted. Makes the sting a little sharper and the offer of a replacement with something that I don't want seem almost petty. Looks like I'm not free of my perfectionistic impulses yet.

Anyway, I told them to please update their website ASAP so nobody else orders something that's out of stock. And to let me know if they get any more of the higos in.

Edit: Between the time I started this entry and the time I finished it, they had replied to my email. They say the higos will be back in stock mid-late September. I think I can wait six weeks...
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[/.] Borland Turbo tools are back!

Shortly after the original IBM PC appeared, a tiny upstart company with the big name Borland International rocked the programming world by releasing its Turbo Pascal compiler. [...] Turbo Pascal's Integrated Development Environment allowed the programmer to go seamlessly from editing to compiling to debugging – and at $49.95 it cost less than a tenth of the going rate. Both cheap and effective, it opened the world of programming to everybody.

Today Borland announces a revival of the Turbo Pascal spirit with its new line of Turbo development tools.,1895,2000232,00.asp

I taught myself C in Jr. High using Borland Turbo C 2.0. It's still my favorite programming environment. Its best feature was that you could right-click on any keyword or function, and it would pop up a window with full documentation - including working example code. A fast and astonishingly easy way to learn a programming language.