September 12th, 2006


Dear Lazyweb: Help me kill misused "noscript" tags.

So here's the deal: A lot of web designers assume that a JavaScript enabled browser is a given, and their only concession to us who don't play that, is a line in the master HTML page template for the site that reads something like:

<noscript><META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="0;URL="></noscript>

The amusing irony is that most of the time, the pages do degrade reasonably and could be viewed with a JS disabled browser. But thanks to the noscript tag, you don't get to see even the degraded page. The browser automatically takes you to the error page when you try and load any page on the site.

So what I want is, a way to tell my browser to temporarily NOT honor noscript tags. Or to re-write them so they're not noscript tags any more. Or anything else that would allow me to ignore noscript tags and see the contents of the page. And decide for myself if I need to have JavaScript or not.

Anyone know how to do it? Preferably for Firefox if that's possible.

Tried several Google searches with different terms, but didn't find anything that looked useful. Maybe I'm just using the wrong terms. I swear someone must have made a GreaseMonkey script to do this, but I can't find it...

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[MeFi] Principled Conservatives weigh in on the Dubya administration.

And it ain't no surprise they're unhappy...

With Republicans controlling Congress and the White House, conservatives these days ought to be happy, but most aren’t. They see expanding government, runaway spending, Middle East entanglements, and government corruption, and they wonder why, exactly, the country should be grateful for Republican dominance. Some accuse Bush and the Republicans today of not being true conservatives. Others see a grab bag of stated policies and wonder how they cohere. Everyone thinks something’s got to change.

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