October 19th, 2006


Say goodbye to procmail forever.

Mail::Audit is officially my favorite PERL module ever:

Mail::Audit itself isn't a mail filter - it's a toolkit that makes it very easy for you to build mail filters. You write a program that describes what should happen to your mail, and this replaces your procmail command in your .forward or .qmail file.

Mail::Audit provides the functionality for extracting mail headers, bouncing, accepting, rejecting, forwarding, and filtering incoming mail.

Here's the simplest filter program we can make with Mail::Audit.

use Mail::Audit;
my $incoming = Mail::Audit->new;

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[Reddit] Nine ex-Republicans run as Dems in Kansas

"So what in the world has happened?" publisher Steve Rose asked in a recent column. "The Republican Party has changed, and it has changed monumentally. You almost cannot be a victorious traditional Republican candidate with mainstream values in Johnson County or in Kansas anymore." Ron Freeman, executive director of the Kansas GOP, called the migrating candidates -- Parkinson, Morrison and seven state House candidates, including one party-switching incumbent -- "a simple case of political opportunism."


Here in Colorado our senator Ben Nighhorse Campbell ran as a Democrat, and turncoated right around and became a Republican after the election. Our current senator, the ever so esteemed Mr. Salazar, ran as a Democrat and then voted for the torture bill.

Do you get it now? Do you understand what politicians (spit!) are yet? They do not believe in your "party." They do not care about "principle." They are not interested in your "values." They are not concerned with being the peoples' "representative." They are spinless, skulking cowards who care about only one thing - the pursuit and retention of power. Nothing more. If switching parties will give them more power, they do it without hesitation. They do not have consciences. They do not have "moral compasses". They are power-mongering scum. That's all.

You wonder why your government is corrupt from top to bottom? Just take a look at the people in it.

(There is perhaps ONE man out of 1500+ in this Congress who is not a pathetic, simpering, toady. And I have nothing but praise for him. The rest of them? Well...)

Tac nuke. DC. NOW!