November 3rd, 2006


Banner day at Digg.

We now have such fast CPUs that you can play Quake via Shockwave in your browser. I believe Phosphor was the first to do this a while back, but I'm still impressed when I see it. Somehow the novelty has not worn off yet.

Some neat new large-display tech. Some people are saying this isn't really 3D, just 2D that's viewable from any angle. Still pretty cool.

Your BASE-jumping video for the day. No structure is safe from the antics of the BASE jumper!! ;]

Finally, Cartman desperately wants a Wii.

Y2k bug? What y2k bug??

// The leap-year prediction algorithm here is incorrect for the year 2100.
// If I'm still alive when that becomes a problem, call me up and I promise I'll fix it for free. ;]

-From my current project's RealTimeClock.c
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