November 6th, 2006


And the award for the most brainless abuse of the content-free buzzword "Web 2.0" goes to...

Wired, for publishing this pile of absolute crap.

How big a font do I need to put this in?? How about... AS BIG AS YOUR BROWSER CAN RENDER?


Furthermore, I feel as if I have lost IQ points just by having to point this out. :P

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for greater transparency and oversight of the election process. Anyone who's read this LJ knows that I think our current mess with electronic voting machines is verging on unbelievable. But the root of the problem is not voting machines. The root of the problem is that you, the American electorate, ARE STUPID. By all means, go ahead and record our mistakes. By all means, document our collective downfall. After all, unlike demanding sanity from our government, putting up videos of our collective stupidity on YouTube is at least amusing. But don't kid yourself about this being some "revolution." The revolution... will not be televised.

Throw away that damn Wired magazine, notorious wanna-be fodder that it is, and read Diesel Sweeties instead.
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