January 1st, 2007


Good food good, real estate investments bad.

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"You'll hear about all these special diets for special health needs, but really, the same diet and the same lifestyle choices prevent the same diseases. With rare exceptions, you don't need a hundred different preventive modalities - just one really good diet."

And that "one really good diet," Pratt says, should be founded on these 20 "superfoods":

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K5's Assholes Of The Year Awards, 2k6.

The Westboro Baptist Church

When George W. Bush ran for the presidency in 2000, he claimed he would be "a uniter, not a divider". Of course, with political partisanship now at an all time high, we see how that turned out. How can the rift in our divided country be healed? A spunky little church out of Kansas thinks they have the answer.

Seriously, what common ground does pretty much every person regardless of their political or religious beliefs have? They all hate the Westboro Baptist Church.

Of course Fred Phelps and his clan have been assholes for a long time. Their mandate, to picket the funerals of gay people and soldiers and just about anything that might qualify as tragic is so tangled in logical gymnastics and fallacy it makes your head spin. Some have even postulated that this is all a scam by the notoriously litigious church to get people to attack them so they can collect some lawsuit money.

So fuck you Westboro. Fuck you for being the first people I wish the First Amendment didn't apply to. Fuck you for actually making me agree with Sean Hannity for once. Fuck you for being just plain assholes.


I actually had a fairly good year, personally, in 2k6. But looking around at the year-end wrapups, I can't for a moment claim it was a good year for the USA or the world.

French protesters march against 2k7. Hilarity ensues.

Parodying the French readiness to say "non", the demonstrators in the western city of Nantes waved banners reading: "No to 2007" and "Now is better!" The marchers called on governments and the UN to stop time's "mad race" and declare a moratorium on the future. The protest was held in the rain and organisers joked that even the weather was against the New Year.

The tension mounted as the minutes ticked away towards midnight - but the arrival of 2007 did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm. The protesters began to chant: "No to 2008!" They vowed to stage a similar protest on 31 December 2007 on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris.

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