January 22nd, 2007


Grant and Kari visit Denver. Fanboyism ensues.

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Grant and Kari stopped by Metro State college today, another stop on their endless round of publicity tours. The talk was at the Tivoli Center's Turnhalle auditorium on the campus, a couple blocks from the Pepsi Center. The auditorium was fairly dark, and so my pictures of the event suck even after a lot of photoshop. Sorry.

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I think I talked about this earlier, but I want to say it again: Thank you, Grant and Kari, for going through all the trouble to do these publicity tours and come and talk to the fans! It's great fun for us, and I think it's a great promotional tool for the show. Grant said that they were getting right back on the plane after this, and they have to go right back to shooting episodes tomorrow morning! And they do this a lot, too. I think I heard something about "every other weekend for months." All that travel in addition to their work schedule, which is no cakewalk. Evidently the MB work 10 hour days, 5 days a week. Add to that the fact that Kari said that they are under a lot of pressure to get myths done fast, on average about only 10 days per myth. So, as Grant said, although it's fun work, it's also extremely intense and exhausting. I really, really appreciate how hard the MB work for us out here in audience-land, so thank you and great work to Kari and Grant!