January 29th, 2007


Ever wonder how garbage collection works?

There are many ways for garbage collectors to determine what memory is no longer required. In the main, automatic memory managers rely on determining which blocks are not pointed to by any program variables. Some of the techniques for doing this are described briefly below, but there are many potential pitfalls, and many possible refinements.


Most interesting thing I learned from this site: There are libraries that you can link into your code that provide garbage collection even in pure C. Going to have to try that next time I write a large, complicated app...

The best RF snake-oil video I've seen.


I am laughing myself silly over this video. It is wrong in just about every concievable way, and yet it looks so incredibly convincing! "The wifi card doesn't know how to extrapolate the router signal from the carrier wave." Ahahahaha!!

One of my favorite things about working with radio, microwave and wireless is... RF is basically magic, from the non-RF engineer's point of view. People don't understand the first thing about radio transmitters or receivers. And forget about intelligently evaluating antenna designs or link budgets. People will believe anything, no matter how ridiculous, when it comes to RF.

The saddest thing is, this will never change until the price of RF test equipment drops down to the point where motivated individuals can realistically afford it.
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