February 3rd, 2007


George Washington's farewell address, in plain english.

You may have noticed a highly uncharacteristic lack of political posts lately. For the most part, my disgust for everyone in DC (save Russ Feingold and Ron Paul) has become so deep that I simply refuse to expended even the slightest bit of attention on them.

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So it's nice to remember a time when, though they were not flawless, the people who ran our government were a little bit more intelligent and perhaps more inclined to try and abide by the limits imposed on them by the constitution - if only because they wrote it! Which brings us to the reason for this post. The webcomic XKCD's transliteration of Washington's Farewell Speech into the common man's vernacular:

Getting in the way of the law for the sake of power plays similarly screws things up. Playing that game creates groups just looking out for themselves, turning crazy splinter groups into a powerful force. Let this get too bad and you’ll probably have the country tossed back and forth wildly as the various parties with their pet issues fight for power, rather than nice, consensual, unified government.

Parties are probably gonna look like they’re helping with one popular issue or another, so you’re gonna want support them, but I bet the guys in charge of them will just turn out to be power-hungry assholes who want to run everything. I just said that parties are no good, particularly regional ones. But lemme go a step further and say ALL parties are a bad idea.

Control goes back and forth between one party and another, and they just get more and more pissed, and we’ve seen that get really bad in the past. But it also leads to terrible, controlling government and general suckage. This gets the people more angry, they get behind one party leader or another, and that guy just takes that support and does whatever he wants, screwing up the country.


Jefferson famously wrote that we should probably have a little revolution every 20 years. You ask me, we're a decade overdue...
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