March 8th, 2007


LinuxBIOS + X11 in ROM = power switch to usable rxvt window in 8 seconds.

The setup: LinuxBIOS + a Linux kernel + BusyBox + a tiny X11 server (Kdrive) + the Matchbox window manager + rxvt.

All of this in a normal BIOS chip (2 MB), without any hard drive connected (who needs hard drives when you can fit everything in the BIOS just fine)...

The thing boots into BusyBox in less than 6 seconds, then in ca. 2 seconds into X11 + rxvt. There's probably even room for improvement there...

Computers have taken far too long to boot ever since the 1980's. Nice to see something going from off to usable in less than ten seconds for once.

The Legend of Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy doesn't know why so many people hate him. "People can be mean over the Internet with no repercussions," he says with a digital shrug. "I wouldn't trade the good stuff for these minor annoyances. The trips, the people I have met, that cancels out the bad stuff. The only bad thing is that random people talk to me. And most of the people who talk to me aren't the ones who are angry."

I fire off a question. "Do you think the legend of Leeroy Jenkins is starting to fade away?"

"Like all things," he says. But the legend isn't fading so much as morphing. "There are people who don't believe I exist, despite the fact that someone had to make the video. Now, these are of course kids, but that is the majority of those who pay attention to the video."

"So in other words, you're like Santa Claus," I venture. "All the kids love you, older folks are sick of the hype and some just think you're made up."

Leeroy considers this as he prepares the spell that will whisk him out of Stormwind. Before he disappears in an explosion of green electricity, he leaves me with these parting words: "Santa brings presents and happiness, while I bring death and mild irritation."
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