March 25th, 2007


Pelosi and other highly placed Democrats are INTENTIONALLY BLOCKING IMPEACHMENT.

I also know that midway through the 2006 election year, Rep. Pelosi began telling reporters, at every opportunity, that if Democrats were elected to a majority in the House in the November election, there would be no impeachment effort - impeachment, in her words, would be "off the table." And so it has been, at least inside the Beltway. And not only has it been put off the table - Pelosi and the party leadership have been actively working behind the scenes in an unconscionable effort to undermine grassroots campaigns to put it back on, via state legislative resolutions. In both New Mexico and Washington state, Democratic party leaders from Washington have put the screws on local legislative leaders to keep the issue of impeachment from even making it to an open floor debate in a legislative chamber. Clearly, progressive members of Congress have also been pressured not to submit impeachment bills.

In part, I think this is all happening because Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership have bought the Republican Party's spin - that impeachment would be "good for Republicans" because it would allegedly "energize the Republican base" that supports President Bush no matter what. Maybe that is technically true, but that base is less than 30 percent of the voting public, and it ignores that fact that impeachment would also energize the Democratic, progressive base, and might well also energize the libertarian base, all of which collectively would far outnumber any possible energized reactionary base.

This leads me to what I think is the real reason the Democratic leadership is opposing impeachment - a reason I find thoroughly disgusting and unworthy of the party of Roosevelt.

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"Let the other guy dig his own grave" would be a good and intelligent strategy... if not for the absolute fact that *our own soldiers (and innocent Iraqis) are being slaughtered every day.* Not content to merely be stinking, dickless cowards, now your duly-elected "representatives" are intentionally allowing our soldiers (and innocent Iraqis) to get bombed to bleeding chunks, and have their brains blown out daily... because that will get them more votes in '08. And they know damn well that's exactly what they're doing.

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