March 26th, 2007


Spring X360 cheesy game roundup: EDF 2017, Bullet Witch, and a quick note on Oblivion.


Enourmous bugs, building-size robots, and massive firepower, oh my!

There's really nothing to overintellectualize here. Pick a pair of guns and run around shooting the hell out of wave after wave of giant ants, giant spiders, giant robots, giant UFOs, and so on. Then pick out a new set of weapons from an unlockable arsenal of dozens of assault rifles, rocket launchers, shotguns, explosives, mines, and flamethrowers and do it all over again. Or do it with a friend.

Oh, yeah, and screw the vehicles. I was having a lot of fun before I found them, and I had just as much fun once I forgot about them. Well, except for the hoverbike, which isn't much good for killing monsters, but great for just zipping around like a jerk. "Oh my god! Giant spiders are eating everyone! Please help us!!" "No. Wheeeeeeeeee!"

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