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Adventures in Engineering
The wanderings of a modern ronin.

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12:04 am: In which we suggest a practical method of impeaching Dubya. - 1 Comment
02:06 am: Freaky physics: Lord Kelvin's water drip electrostatic spark generator. - 5 Comments
04:22 pm: Much of Sydney, AU's airport will be underwater with as little as a 3m rise in sea level. - 4 Comments
05:51 pm: Who wants to buy a jetpack?
03:30 pm: New WEP attack: one to two minutes to crack your WiFi 95% of the time. - 5 Comments
04:20 pm: I'm so very glad we treat our soldiers and vets well. - 1 Comment
09:50 pm: The Transition to Concurrency.
11:38 pm: Dear Hillary: Vote in favor of THIS! - 2 Comments
03:31 pm: For the last damn time: There was no pre-war connection between Iraq and Al Qaida. - 13 Comments
05:33 pm: The Chaser's War On Everything: Sex Offender t-shirts.
03:28 pm: A "real world" software development course.
08:09 pm: Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Please. - 76 Comments
08:34 pm: Thousands of Christians protest war in DC - 200+ arrested for daring to stand at the White House. - 3 Comments
10:04 pm: The misc crazy people roundup. - 2 Comments
05:55 pm: Lee Iacocca tears into our idiot government.
02:11 pm: Fun little 3d block puzzle. - 5 Comments
01:21 am: Ethanol based on corn is a bad idea - there are better ways to get ethanol. - 6 Comments
01:31 pm: Myth #1: Ninjas are mammals. - 10 Comments
05:05 pm: Whackjob shoots up VT. Nation not amused. - 10 Comments
08:00 pm: Where so many record companies "don't get it", Trent Reznor does. - 1 Comment
09:04 pm: Did one of you freaks try to call me? - 6 Comments
05:26 pm: Vista is WindowsME part II. - 4 Comments
05:59 pm: The king of all dumb responses to the VT massacre. - 4 Comments
02:46 pm: Let me see, why wouldn't a smart person ever want to be Dubya's war czar? Hm...
06:52 pm: An interesting gun deaths graphic. - 3 Comments
03:49 am: Fun little Java physics sims.
12:39 am: Welcome to Bubble 2.0. - 3 Comments
12:42 am: That's right, keep "supporting" our troops. - 3 Comments
06:20 pm: Basics Of Compiler Design book online.
06:51 pm: Anyone hearing a popping sound? - 2 Comments
05:22 am: Bayes Theorem and why you should know it.
04:30 pm: Sony flips Kutaragi over, attacks his weak point for "massive damage." - 4 Comments
06:03 pm: The best online Java text book I've found. - 1 Comment
05:13 pm: Guess which scandal you're being distracted with today, America? - 8 Comments
May 2015