April 2nd, 2007


Much of Sydney, AU's airport will be underwater with as little as a 3m rise in sea level.

Someone did a google maps/NASA global warming data mashup. It's kinda fun to play with. For instance, here's what Sydney airport will look like with a 3 meter rise in sea level:


And here's a worst case scenario, a 10m rise!


Hope your 747 has skid-floats for landing gear!

(Google maps depends on JavaScript - caution is advised.)

Much to my sadness, however, even a 15m rise in sea level won't flood out Washington, DC. Curses! Here I thought that would be one GOOD effect of global warming!

(BTW, I used to live here, but now I live two blocks away, over here.)

Who wants to buy a jetpack?

It's the perfect gift for someone who has everything - or thought they had. The world's first commercially-available rocket pack is now on the market. But if you want to launch yourself into the air like Sean Connery in the James Bond film Thunderball, it will cost you £130,000.

The hydrogen-peroxide powered packs, known as Rocket Belts, can propel the wearer to speeds of up to 60mph. The custom-made 800 horse-powered rockets will launch adrenaline junkies weighing up to 21st as high as 300ft. The belt is a copy of the gadget created by Wendell Moore, an engineer at the American firm Bell Aerosystems, in 1961. As well as being used in Thunderball, Mr Moore's rocket pack was also flown in the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.



The year is 2007, and we can FINALLY buy personal jetpacks! Alright!! Now, will someone rake up the venture capital to start a rent-a-jetpack school in my area, so I don't have to pay the quarter million bucks to buy one for myself? PLZ KTHX! ;]

Though I would prefer the high bypass-ratio jet turbine version, myself. It's that whole "20 minutes worth of fuel, vs 30 seconds" thing.